About Wai

2River Krishna originates from Mahableshwar and settle down at Wai in Satara district Wai, a place well known as a pilgrimage, with over 2000 yrs of history, is located on the banks of the river Krishna. This city and its surrounding, over years, has enriched by recitations of Vedas and Upanishads. Wai, as a city, became well known during  the era of Shivaji Maharaj. During the era of peshwas, Sardar Raaste developed Wai, and created a strong base for its further development. Wai even became famous during its pre-independence and post-independence period, due to the extra-ordinary work of the people at that time. The Dhom dam near Wai made farming, fruitful and easier whereas, development of industries made it possible, to enlist Wai on the map of industrialization. Thus, Wai is not only a city, but a center of both rituals and advancement. It is famous for natural beauty which is liked for shootings of movies and serials. The hotel industry and real estate business has got a boost because of this. The small industries are on increase in MIDC Wai

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