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Wai is predominately holy place situated on the bank of river Krishna which originates at Mahabaleshwar, 32 km from wai. The Wai Urban Co-op. Bank Ltd., Wai, Dist: Satara is amongst one of the most renowned co-operative bank. Our bank area of operations is entire Maharashtra State. The bank functions with net work of 30 branches, of which 12 are in Satara district and 10 in Pune and 2 Sangli district (Vishrambaug). At present, bank is functional with all its branches computerized and connected.

BRANCH_PHOTOWai, being a place surrounded with mountains is blessed with the holy water of river Krishna. In the past few years, it is being developed in industrial area with MIDC Zone, With a thought of social welfare, some socialists of Wai came together and on the day of 21st June, 1921 established the organization ‘Wai Taluka Credit Society’. This credit society transformed in to a bank by 6 August, 1930. Thus last 99 years, our Bank is serving the financial needs of the people under its area of operation.

With goodwill of people to take interest in banking with us and to fulfil their financial needs. Wai Urban co-op. bank Ltd has dominance in Satara district. Due to this sole motive, bank has always taken care of people, encouraging them to invest and utilizing their money, for the fulfilment of needy people. Financial welfare of the people is the sole motive of the bank.

BRANCH_PHOTO__InternalWith a thought to bring neatness and an organized way of working of the bank, a management has implemented many programs. The director Board of the bank includes 16 members, which includes Three CAs, Two advocates, two doctors, one retired professor, with other in trade, farm and industry. This learned board is responsible for smooth and co-operative working of the bank. The head office of the bank, situated at Wai and the other branches nearby, are run under the guidance of dedicated staff which creates a feeling of being one family, which is popularly known as “Wai Urban Pariwar”

The ruling Board of Directors, of the bank is elected every five years. The present Board is a dedicated and studious team of people, In order to boost the work of the bank and to make it more systematic scheduled and organized. Bank has developed a formation of committees. These committees of Board include Audit committee, Investment committee, Staff committee, Loan Committee etc. The Bank is a profit making bank for last 99 years and declared dividend every year. Welfare of members of the bank has been the most important policy of the bank, as these members are part of the family. As per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and The Maharashtra state co-operative rules and regulations, bank has also been able to provide loan facilities to the people, who and are in need of the same. It works within the framework of RBI regulations and rules of Co-Op department. All the years’ bank is getting ‘A’ Class in statutory Audit. No violation of RBI guidelines was done by bank.

Profit, has never been the sole motive of the bank. Instead, bank has always tried to help people and thought of their welfare .Also the bank has never hesitated to help the needy people, especially those affected by unpredictable natural calamities. The best examples of these are, the period of earthquake at Killari and floods /storms, in Gujarat, and also the Tsunami affected people from the Southern zone of India. In July 2019, the southern Maharashtra was affected by flood, bank helps Rs. 26,50,000/- (Rs. Twenty six Lakh, fifty thousand only). These were the times when the Wai Urban Bank and its member, have come forward to help the people to overcome the calamities.

Thus, Wai Urban Bank is financially sound and well managed Bank which does everything to protect the interest of present and future depositors. It is a fast developing and technologically progressing Co-Op Bank. With its dedicated Board of Directors and sincere and honest staff with loyalty and intently to the institution the customer services is of high quality in the Bank.
Our bank assures best customer services with verity of products in deposit and loans /advances areas, which attracts people.

Our bank assures best customer services with verity of products in deposit and loans /advances areas, which attracts people.

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